“After 33 years in practice I have used every topical cream including other CBD ointments. None have come close to having the benefits that this one has. My patients love it and find lasting relief!”
– Dr. Donna Brown

“For those of you out there who suffer with menopause (you know who you are) and are having trouble sleeping, look no further. Axil Wellness’ CBD-rich hemp oil will help you sleep so much better and wake up refreshed. I’m so happy I started using it!”
– Shari S.

“I suffer from arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome in both of my hands! The pain in my hands radiate up my arms at night and was so bad I woke up in pain not knowing how to alleviate it. Skeptical at first but also desperate to find something other than drugs that do harm to my stomach and liver and surgery was not an option for me, I tried the 1,500+mg bottle of Axil Wellness CBD-rich hemp oil, I took one dose in the evening before bed and miraculously the pain dissipated! By the second night the pain was gone! I highly recommend this product to all those with nerve pain of any kind! Yes, let’s call it the “miracle non-drug”!”
– Alice C.

“Love, love, love the MyoSoothe, not only does it help with muscle pain but it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve found that actually reduces the swelling when my neck muscles go into spasm. I shared some with my brother in law who has asthma and had a chest cold, figured it can’t hurt, he told me it helped so much that he needed more. A little goes a long way and it works quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, it absorbs in quickly. Really is a life saver for me.” – Micheline C.

“About 10 years ago I had a bad fall and fractured my S1-5 vertebrae. I’ve suffered from back pain since then. I’ve tried sacroiliac injections, physical therapy, and massages with little relief. About a month ago I started to use MyoSoothe Extra Strength Pain Relief on my lower back, and honestly I’ve never felt such relief! This product has been a godsend! Within 15 minutes the pain is reduced and the spasms completely stop! I highly recommend this incredible and vegan product! Not only is it great for chronic pain, but it is an all natural product that is safe for even the most sensitive skin! Take it from someone who is allergic to most additives, Axil Wellness has stepped up to meet the needs of us sensitive skin people! If I could recommend one product that has genuinely helped my back pain this would be it! Stop with the OTC junk and get on this natural train!! Excellent product, excellent owner, excellent company!”
– Bri D.

“This cream is a miracle cream. I had bad knees put this cream on in the middle of the night it made the pain disappear. I also had pulled muscles in my thighs and this cream is a game changer. I was pain free for over 10 hours and was able to get to a good nights sleep. I applied it to my husbands bad back and sciatic and he was amazed at how fast and well his product took away his pain and how long the results lasted. You only need a little for amazing results. I highly recommend this product.”
– Linda J.

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